The Ambrosium Story

It all began with Pam…

Ambrosium was founded and brought to life by the lovely Pam Liddiard.
It all began in 1986 out of Pam’s garage as a ‘Lending library” with a few spiritual tools including books and a few crystals she had purchased. Pam also had a stall at the Midland indoor Markets, which people would often ask if they could stand in because it “felt so good”.

With the help of her 2 American belly dancing friends and spirits guidance Pam came up with the idea to create a permanent shop where she could expand and offer a larger variety of spiritual tools. It was to be opened in May 1987 in Haynes street Kalamunda and given the name Ambrosium.

By virtue of a pin and the Perth telephone book on the word “Ambrosia” (which was not available because it was taken by a name of a cheese), Pam changed it slightly to Ambrosium, which is very fitting as the Dictionary meaning is “Food of the Gods and Immortals.”

Pam created Ambrosium to be a great little shop. It was the outward manifestation of an inward journey for Pam and I know for countless others over the years.

Spiritual tools for your life's journey
Ambrosium in 2002

And then Cynthia Gear…

Pam’s journey was to continue in miraculous ways until 2002 where she decided it was time for her to move on and that’s when it passed on into the loving, gentle hands of the Cindy.

Ambrosium was refreshed and relocated to Railway Rd, Kalamunda in December 2002, where it was known to be, by all who came from the locals to seekers far and wide.

Cindy is originally from northern California and through a series of synchronous events, moved to Perth and to be the proud new owner of Ambrosium where she was to renew, strengthen and take Ambrosium to new heights along with Ann, whom the Angels sent to help.

Both Cindy and Ann had created Ambrosium to be “a little gathering place” where folks could feel comfortable sharing and discussing any manner of metaphysical subjects. It had a reputation for being “a little shop of miracles” as one of our dear customers/friends calls it.

Chance meetings among strangers who become dear friends or have just that piece of information you’re looking for, occur here all the time. It’s truly magical.

And now Me, Cassandra Carr…

In December 2015 came the end of the lease of the premises, which then became an end of an era when Ambrosium was to again be refreshed and renewed as I became the third generation of owners to this wonderful shop. I am very blessed to have been given this wonderful opportunity to grow and unfold alongside Ambrosium.


After a series of life altering events, I woke up one morning after having a vivid dream that I would be the new owner of Ambrosium. Not knowing how that would happen, I allowed life to unfold before me and before I knew it, I was creating a wonderful space for Ambrosium’s next chapter.

Cassandra - Current owner of Ambrosium

Through this wonderful new adventure of recreating Ambrosium, it has allowed me to discover the very essence of who I truly am, and to be OK with just being me. Also, it has shown me how many amazing people are also on this wonderful life adventure to discovery and how supportive these people are of Ambrosium and myself.

Ambrosium to me is a place of abundance, a space of
healing, being understood with love and compassion, a place of sharing
of awareness, knowledge and understanding with each other and a place
where wonderful connections are made.

As of May 2016 Ambrosium opened its doors once again to continue to be the place where little miracles and synchronicities happen on a regular basis.

Since the reopening, people have been known to walk in and say, “I’m home!”


Spiritual Tools for your Life’s Journey

Whether you need a book, a deck of oracle/ tarot cards, a crystal (in its natural form, tumbled, designed into a sculpture or created into a unique piece of jewellery) – we have the tools to support and guide you on your journey no matter what stage you’re at on your life path.

All crystals are personally hand picked for each unique individual the crystal is meant for.

We also offer a special service of gift wrapping. When you buy a gift for someone special, we wrap it for you. We have all you need, if not, we will do our best to find what it is you’re looking for.

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Receive guidance, clarity and support from one of our readers

Guidance + Support

Ambrosium is also a place where you can come to receive guidance, clarity and support from a reading whether it be Tarot, Mediumship, Spirit Mentoring, Intuitive Guidance or Angel Cards.

All readings are given with love and the highest intention for each individual.



We also offer wonderful healings that are done with beautiful energy from the highest source.

All healers are qualified in their specific field whether it be Reiki, Pranic, Sound Energy or Reconnective Healing, with the intention of love and the highest intention for each individual.

Energy Chakra Workshop - Ambrosium


We are also running regular workshops and groups to support and discover more about life and what it has to offer, to share knowledge, make like minded connections and have some fun.